My Strange, Surprising Path to a Veggie Diet

I’ve steered clear of eating meat (especially red meat) for over a week now, and every day that goes by the more convinced I am that I’ll never go back to my ultra-carnivorous lifestyle. I’ve come to conclusions about meat through a variety of channels—health, conscious, general disgust—but you’ll never believe how it all started.

I needed to cook supper. I figured something with pork chops would be good and started defrosting a pack of meat. It was redder than usual and bloody…not the greatest cut I don’t think. And when I opened the package the smell overtook me. Note: this meat had been bought less than 3 days before and stayed frozen until this moment.


I gagged over the sink. “Am I pregnant?” was my first thought, but I ruled that out. I knew as soon as the cellophane came off the package that no matter what I fixed for supper, I wouldn’t be eating any of that pork. I just couldn’t.

It was just a split second change. I haven’t had an interest in meat ever since. It’s just like I woke up that morning and my brain had turned the lights off on my meat cravings. Gone.

“Maybe I’ll just back off for a while…” I said to myself. But in a perfect series of events, it’s become way deeper of an issue in my heart.

The second push I got came when I discovered another weird Millennial-trend: Mukbangs (Muck-bongs). A mukbang is an arguably sexual and entertaining video of someone eating. Just eating…and usually in excessive amounts. I’m pretty sure this emerged from the feederism fetish (getting turned on by feeding a parter), but over time people have become fascinated with the trend in general. Including me.


I found this channel on Youtube called Divine Munchies. The poster is fit as can be, and (what do ya know?!) VEGETARIAN. In her In-N-Out burger mukbang video, I noticed none of the “burgers” had…well…burgers. A luscious pile of lettuce, pickle, sauce, cheese, onion, tomato—you name it—was more than enough to satisfy this woman. Getting a burger without the meat? I’d never even thought of that! And it looked good. I mean really good.

That was the catalyst. I started reading information and finding pro-con opinions to get a better idea of what this lifestyle is all about; including the Christian perspective which means a lot to me personally.

I heard an advocate for vegetarian Christians make the point that God created a perfect earth. It was lush with plants, trees, fruits…and he told Adam and Eve that all they needed to live perfect happy lives was in the garden. THE GARDEN.


I know what you’re thinking. “Well, Camille, He also have men dominion over the animals!” Yeah, and what came after that??? To be good stewards of the creation. 

In this fallen world, our “dominion” over life has been corrupted by greed and violence. I’ll spare you the gory details of slaughterhouse realities. It’s a realization you should come to on your own with your own private research. It is very disturbing. The point is, the modern food industry is destroying stewardship of livestock and the environment. In the end, we are killing our bodies and the planet.

Sounds all touchy feely, activist, hippie crazy right?

I encourage you to watch the documentary Vegucated on Netflix for more information. I won’t repeat it all here.

I can’t in good conscious donate my money to a system that heartlessly abuses animals…kicking, screaming, crying animals being torn from their mothers utters and boiled alive.


“Well, just buy organic meat then!” you say. Nay, I say unto you this is the biggest lie of all. I challenge you to call the headquarters of these “organic, grass-fed” farms and ask them about medical care for sick animals. Ask them if their animals receive anesthesia before castration. What is the slaughtering method? How many square feet do these animals have to themselves? Ask them where male chicks are thrown once the egg laying hens are picked out. Are they ground to bits and wasted? Are they left outside to die? The answers will appall you.

The truth is, I wouldn’t mind eating animal protein if I saw WITH MY OWN TWO EYES how it was treated. All the food industry cares about is my money, not human decency or good stewardship. The truth is, we simply don’t need animal proteins in our diets to survive. In fact, cutting animal proteins lowers risk of cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, and obesity. Why is that? Maybe it’s better not to find out for myself…

So, where am I now? Weaning. I still eat eggs, cheese and dairy. I will also eat fish and shellfish at this point.

Mammals are visibly discerning and intuitive, whereas fish and shellfish act more like insects. Primal. Unattached to their newborn…I may be wrong in this perception, but I don’t know that they suffer like mammals do in the factory farming process. But then again…fish can’t really scream can they?


I’m interested in living out this journey and experiencing the health and vitality promised to herbivores. Heck, if medical doctors recommend plant based diets to fight disease it must have something to it right? They know more than I do. And they swear by the vegetarian way.

I know I’m going to catch shit for this. This isn’t the first time I’ve eaten vegetarian, but that’s a story for my next blog. Stay updated with me on FB for part II of this post: Dieting Guilt. AKA facing people who try to force feed you things you don’t want and convince you to break your diet.

It’s hard to lose weight AND reject mom’s brownies. She made them with love, damn it!


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